Does Trump have fraud charges hanging over his head?

Legal InsurrectionHillary Clinton is not the only presidential contender muddling through legal battles this election season. An upcoming trial scheduled for May 6 could pull Donald Trump off the campaign trail.

Listed as a witness by both sides of the bench, Trump will likely be required to testify in a trial over the now defunct Trump University which has been accused of fraud.

I'm not sure what to make of this and how much it threatens Trump as an individual rather than whatever legal entity was using his name to run this "university". It would be sort of amusing if Trump's run for president turned out to be the biggest jury-tampering attempt in history.

Frankly, though, even if Trump gets hit with personal charges of fraud over this (which I don't think seems likely), Hillary's almost-two-thousand felony counts of negligent handling of classified material dwarf it.

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