Don't trust ANY potential Obama nominee

From the barrel of a gunSurprise: Obama vetting GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval for Scalia’s Supreme Court seat

Naw, can't be. The Prez has got to be f**king with us, or he has the same kinda s**t on this guy as he has on Roberts. I'd be fine with this guy based on this if he would answer two questions in regard to gun rights and the Constitution.

Strict Scrutiny and Originalism?

Those are my red line for an Obama nominee.

The mistake here is having any red lines for an Obama nominee at all. Obama could nominate Cruz himself and I wouldn't trust it. Between the (speculated) NSA blackmail material on Roberts and the assumed willingness of any nominee to lie through their teeth during nomination hearings, and the utter certainty that Obama is not willing to act in good faith, there is no one he could nominate that I would trust. No one.

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