An end to mutually assured destruction

PJMediaTed Cruz and Marco Rubio are sharp, appealing candidates. Are they wise enough to know that neither can win without the backing of the other’s core supporters, and that destroying those supporters’ preferred candidate is not the way to get it? There are not enough committed conservatives in the country for Cruz to win without broadening his appeal. And Rubio cannot win without conservatives, who like Cruz and who are very suspicious of Rubio. No one expects the two senators to stop competing with each other, but the pair needs to home in on Trump’s progressive, incoherent record. They also need to project the uplifting aspects of their candidacies. If, instead, the fratricide continues, some of their disaffected supporters will opt out of the process entirely while others gravitate to Trump, who will waltz to the nomination. And then the Democrats will waltz to victory in November.

Can we please have an end to the mutually assured destruction before it destroys a lot more than two candidacies?

While I like the idea here, and I'd like to see Rubio drop out and endorse Cruz so we could have something closer to a two-person race on more issues than just immigration, it's not going to happen. Kasich and Carson need to leave the race first, so we can see where their voters go, and also see how well Cruz does in the next big set of primaries that includes his home state of Texas and other likely Cruz-friendly states.

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