Socialism versus Liberalism

PoliticoSocialism and Sanders have their heart in a different place—economic equality before all else. Socialism is still the dream of those who don’t worry about concentrating power in the state or about the perverse effects of making goods and services available at a zero price. To bring socialism back from the dead wearing New Deal liberalism as a mask is no service to either. Socialists should know the difference, and liberals should too. After feverish right-wing accusations that every liberal proposal is tantamount to socialism, the last thing liberals need is a Democratic presidential candidate blurring that line.

You mean like the one who's been in the White House these past 7 years?

The truth is, liberals have been full-on Socialists for decades. The same president who gave us New Deal Liberalism gave us ethnic concentration camps, tried to pack the Supreme Court, and prevented a farmer from growing food on his own farm to feed to his own animals because it was "interstate commerce".

The claimed liberal concern for free speech and other rights extends to Neo-Nazis, naked dancers, and shouting down people who disagree with them on college campuses. It doesn't cover any ordinary person trying to live their life.

Hat tip to Instapundit

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