College students favor socialism...

Legal InsurrectionFifty-eight percent of young people choose socialism over capitalism (33 percent) as the most compassionate system. Sixty-six percent say corporate America “embodies everything that is wrong with America,” compared with 34 percent who say corporate America embodies what’s right with America. A plurality of 28 percent say the most pressing issue facing the country is income inequality – one of Sanders’ top themes. Next on the list of pressing issues among young people is the cost of education, with 24 percent. This is another main theme for Sanders in his campaign.

... but mainly because their whole lives have been spent in the socialist public school system, and they are now being bled dry by debt in a "higher" education system run by liberals as an indoctrination center and the Liberal Messiah with White Hair is promising them free college (by which he means someone else with a job will pay for it). It doesn't help that the people currently in college cannot remember a time when the Berlin Wall was intended to keep people in their socialist prison on pain of death and are about to graduate into a job market destroyed by socialism despite being told that the United States should be despised as a capitalism nation.

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