The Stupid Party continues to be stupid

The BlazeThe bill funds the IRS at $1.7 billion below what President Barack Obama requested and specifically prohibits funds for the IRS to target organizations based on ideological views.
The bill will prohibit the IRS from suppressing participation in nonprofit 501(c)4 organizations. Provisions in the spending bill further prohibit money for the IRS from targeting individuals exercising their First Amendment rights to political speech.

Really? Seriously? That might work if there was a real, official "Let's target the Tea Party!" program with an official budget. There wasn't. A bunch of existing employees, as part of their normal duties and as instructed by their management, treated certain (politically chosen) groups to extended delays and abuse. Did those employees get fired, disciplined, or lose their government retirement? No. Many of them got bonuses and paid 6-month vacations.

The BlazeIt further prohibits money for bonuses or hiring former employees without considering that person’s employee conduct or federal tax compliance, and requires extensive reporting on IRS spending and official time.

This part of the legislation, however, might actually produce something useful. Remember that the GAO report on the IRS basically said they had no effective protections against targeting; this legislation's reporting requirements might improve the ability of Congress to oversee the IRS operations by requiring better record keeping.

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