Trump flips! Trump flops!

Gateway PunditGOP frontrunner Donald Trump told David Brody from the Christian Broadcasting Network that as president he will defund Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved in abortions.

Here's the thing. In the last debate Cruz attacked Trump for Trump's opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood. Trump called Cruz a liar, had a temper tantrum, and then admitted that Cruz was right and said that Planned Parenthood does lots of wonderful things for women... except, you know, those abortion things.

Now, he's promising voters he'll sign a bill to defund the organization as long as they do abortions. (Of course, they will always do abortions; it's why they exist, and the rest is just a sideshow).

I agree that Planned Parenthood should not receive government funds. For any reason, not just for abortion, but abortion seems like a particularly horrible use of government funds particularly when a large portion of the electorate would like to ban it completely and has a reasonable argument for doing so.

So Trump is now claiming to be in the right position.

But he was still defending the idea of government funding for Planned Parenthood in the debates last week. He flipped on this issue this week because he will say whatever he needs to say to seal the deal in the South Carolina primary. And he will flop back to his old position for the general election, I'm sure. How many other positions will he flip to win the primary and flop for the general election?

Let's not find out.

Vote Cruz.

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