Another round of light bulb regulations

The HillThe Energy Department proposed Friday a new round of energy efficiency standards for light bulbs... The new standards only apply to fluorescent and light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs and exempt incandescent bulbs, thanks to a spending bill provision that prohibits regulators from implementing rules to make them more efficient.

Never mind that IFL and LED light bulbs cost about 10x-20x more than traditional incandescent light bulbs, don't necessarily last any longer (I've had several under-1-year failures), and are already a huge step up in efficiency. Never mind that redesigning the bulbs to get even MORE efficiency will cost quite a bit just when the market was settling down into the new bulbs. Never mind that consumers are perfectly capable of choosing between three types and multiple brands and models of such bulbs on their own and that more choice is better.

No, the government has to regulate the market.


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