Obama's EPA urging states to ignore Supreme Court injunction

The HillPresident Obama’s chief environmental regulator is encouraging states to stick with their plans to lower carbon emissions from their energy sectors despite the Supreme Court’s halting of a federal rule this week.

He's not technically calling for states to ignore the Supreme Court, he's just saying they should voluntarily comply with the rules anyway. That seems like a desperation move. If states wanted to enforce those rules, they could pass legislation to set tighter rules than the federal government does. Some states do this already (California).

The HillEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy told state regulators Thursday that market forces are already pushing the power sector toward cleaner energy, a trend that began before the Obama administration finalized the Clean Power Plan rule that the Supreme Court delayed on Wednesday.

Those would be the free market forces giving us tremendously low oil prices, and the free market forces of billions of taxpayer subsidies and government loans to failed companies like Solyndra? I think that the EPA thinks government regulations and subsidies are market forces.

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