A Republican betrayal while you were watching Kavanaugh

Conservative ReviewRepublicans have controlled the House of Representatives, the body closest to the people and the one that is run with a simple majority, for 20 of the past 24 years. Yet they’ve done nothing with it. Now, in the waning days of their control of the House, alongside a Republican president, they are spending their time passing dozens of banal “suspension” bills, agreeing to the liberal lie on the opioid crisis, and passing a budget with priorities on abortion, immigration, and spending that are indistinguishable from anything that would be signed into law by a President Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, or, yes, Michael Avenatti.

Yesterday, the House passed the budget betrayal bill, sending it to the president who, contrary to promises of “never again,” has agreed to sign it. Yet it won’t even be a footnote in the news cycle for most in the conservative media. Frankly, Republicans could give amnesty to every illegal who comes here for the next 50 years and the “conservative movement” will do nothing to even focus on it for more than three seconds, much less resolve to do anything different.

The bill passed with the support of all but five Democrats in the entire House. Think about that for a moment. We are living in an era when congressional Democrats are so radical they will oppose everything that Trump supports, yet this budget united them all. Just 56 Republicans, less than one-fourth of the caucus, opposed the bill.

I think the take-home here is that more Republicans opposed this than Democrats did, and the Republican House and Republican Senate passed it anyway. Apparently, all the Democrats got what they wanted, and so did most of the elected Republicans. The people who actually deliver the votes not so much.

Read the whole thing to see just how bad this legislation, passed while they were all pretending to fight over Kavanaugh's confirmation, actually is. No wonder Ryan is retiring; this legislation seems intended to make sure his nest has feathers from everyone in it.

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