The timing does matter

SayUncleI’ve not commented on it. But this is a national embarrassment. And both sides of the debate should be ashamed. For the republicans saying “it was 30 years ago”. Doesn’t matter if it was 5 minutes ago. If it happened it did.

That the event happened (if it happened at all) 30 years ago does in fact matter -- it bears on whether we can prove it happened or not. Memories over that period of time are very unreliable and physical evidence goes missing or changes. Kavanaugh was a minor or young adult at the time and has done a lot of growing up since. If doing stupid shit while young was a disqualifier, Robert O'Rouke would not be running for Senate.

Some things are bad enough that you don't get a pass. Murder is on that list. Forcible rape probably is, too. But horseplay and mild groping at a drunken party as a minor probably shouldn't be. If it had happened last year, it would demonstrate something about Kavanaugh's lack of character in the present. But if it happened at all, it happened so long ago that it has little to say about the man today.

Reports are the votes are there. Time to put this away.

If Kavanaugh's anger is any indication, the Democrats will be paying a significant price for this attempt. As the saying goes, if you seek to kill the king, you had better not miss.

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