Defense Distributed replaces Cody Wilson

Wilson got himself in some legal trouble and tried to flee the country. He has now stepped down as CEO of the company. The lawsuits filed by that company will continue under new management, and financially, they are separate entities (ie, donations to Defense Distributed for their legal costs do not go to Cody Wilson, and vice versa). At least, that's what the new management is telling us.

I agree that the charges against Cody Wilson seem a little too smooth. He was making trouble for people and someone decided to make some trouble back. Note the similarity in what he is charged with to what Assange was charged with that forced Assange into hiding within an embassy... both sex-related, both debateable issues of consent or technicalities rather than anything forcible. Also, both likely enabled by lifestyle choices that left openings. If you're going to get into the national spotlight and make trouble for the Deep State, you've got to be squeaky clean.

I'm not sending money to the conspiracy theorists on this one, but I will subscribe to their free mailing list, to abuse an analogy.

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