About that voter fraud that doesn't exist...

The Daily SignalOn Thursday, federal officials charged a New Jersey woman with “promoting a voter bribery scheme.” Lizaida Camis allegedly offered Hoboken voters $50 in exchange for applying to receive mail-in ballots, and then casting them in favor of candidates for whom Camis worked.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey concluded that Camis brought those applications to voters and then delivered the completed forms to the county clerk’s office.

Camis went to the voters’ homes after they received their mail-in ballots, in some cases explicitly instructed them to vote for specific candidates, and then collected the ballots. Camis then told the voters they could pick up a $50 check from the Hoboken office of a company that, per the complaint, “purportedly provided payroll services” to local campaigns.

It exists, it's just not reported. It's not reported because the media doesn't believe it swings elections. The media doesn't believe it swings elections because it is only prosecuted to the tune of an occasional few hundred votes. It's only prosecuted to the tune of an occasional few hundred votes because it's not a priority with prosecutors unless it becomes too obvious to ignore. And it rarely becomes too obvious to ignore because the media doesn't report it.

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