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Bill Quick at Daily Pundit has been pretty much all Trump all the time for the past few months. Fair enough; clearly the man knows where he stands and there are a number of points we agree on. However, a lot of his posts have the following quality to them lately:

Bill QuickBetting markets predicting a solid Iowa win for Trump.
Polling averages predicting a solid Iowa win for Trump.
538 models both now predicting a solid Iowa win for Trump.
TDS sufferers predicting it’s all meaningless, and Ted Cruz (or somebody, anybody, else) will blow Trump away. Because magic.

He may be right. Trump may win Iowa. Trump may win the nomination, and Trump may win the presidency. I don't know. The polls do suggest Trump has a pretty good chance of doing at least the first and maybe the second. (We're way too far ahead to predict the third).

But I don't pick the candidates I support based on who I think will win. I pick the candidates I support based on their positions on issues, what I think they will do in office, and whether I can trust them to follow through on their promises competently. Popularity has little to do with it, and polls even less. I pick the candidate I think would be the best President, and I do my damnedest to make sure they win.

The endless poll following is not persuasive and is getting a bit tiresome.

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