Bundy arrested, shots fired...

Daily MailThe leader of the militia group occupying a government building in Oregon has been arrested, reports claim.

Ammon Bundy and eight other militiamen were detained by the FBI on Tuesday evening after shots were fired during a traffic stop as they headed to a community meeting nearby, according to KATU.

It is not clear who opened fire first.

How do we know the police shot first? The article doesn't say anyone died UPDATE: One person was died and another wounded, but if the protesters were planning to shoot first they would all be dead.

On a more serious note, I'm glad the absurd "occupy national park" scenario is over, with minimal loss of life. I hope the police were all wearing body cameras during that traffic stop, though, because I am pretty damn sure it was one of those "random" traffic stops like the ones the NSA tells the DEA to make.

PattericoAs articulated, that’s a rather thin justification for shooting someone. Was he armed? Did he point a gun? Did he appear to be reaching for a gun? Were there any body cameras?

I assume we’ll be hearing more about this. Law enforcement knew they were dealing with a group of people that had members who declared they were armed and prepared for a shootout if necessary. Still (unless only #BlackLivesMatter), mere disobedience of orders and resisting arrest is generally thought to be insufficient, without more, to justify shooting and killing someone.

Patterico is also curious, and as a prosecutor, he has some expertise in these matters. I can understand that an arrest like this would be a very tense situation. But I find it interesting that police aren't reporting that the people they arrested were armed, and that there are claims the person killed (and also the one injured) was cooperating.

I'm not prepared to say this was an execution, but I'd like to see body camera and dash camera footage if it is available.

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