Kavanaugh vote on Friday

No Lawyers has the schedule for that day. Grassley says it won't necessarily come to a vote, only if they are ready. I'm guessing it's there as a threat.

The first accuser seems strangely reluctant. We've now seen her "polygraph test", and it's awful, asking just two questions about her statement and that statement contradicting her current version of events. We even have reports that people are coming forward claiming to be her "attackers". That seems a strange claim to fame to volunteer for.

The second accuser, Ramirez, refuses to testify under oath.

The third accuser is just nuts, with connections to the first accuser's lawyer.

It's clear the Democrats are just reaching for any delay they can manage, and their accusers have no evidence and aren't even willing to testify under oath. Te Republicans should stop indulging them and vote Kavanaugh in.

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