Coordinated attack on Canadian nightclub

Global NewsA brazen shooting in Calgary, after a gunman opened fire inside Ten X nightclub. One person was shot, while bullets grazed by other unsuspecting patrons.

So what was their motive exactly? Why would three people -- one shooter, one driver, and one random accomplice -- attack a nightclub filled with random people?

Global NewsMohamed Elmi, 31, and Mohamed Salad, 29, both of Calgary

Oh. But wouldn't gun control stop this sort of thing?

Global News Discharge firearm with intent to endanger life
Unauthorized possession of a firearm
Unauthorized possession of a firearm in a vehicle
Possession of firearm with altered or defaced serial number
Aggravated assault
Pointing a firearm

Look at all the gun laws they broke! I guess not.

And speaking of guns...

Global News“About five or 10 minutes later, I’m out front and the gun is laying on the sidewalk and the police officer tells me to move out of the way because the hammer is still cocked back and it could go off.”

This sort of makes me wince. Guns are inanimate objects. They don't just "go off", even if they are loaded and cocked. Someone would have to pull the trigger, or (if the gun really sucks) kick it or interact with it in some way. I can't argue with the police officer wanting to follow the rules of gun safety at all, but the way that was phrased strikes me as far too passive-voice-blame-the-gun language.

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