Supreme Court denies cert to Illinois assault weapons ban challenge

PJMediaOn Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to an "assault weapons" ban in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park. The ban includes "assault weapons" and rifles with large-capacity magazines. The ban was enacted in 2013, and will remain in effect.

Justices Thomas and Scalia dissented, and said the court should have taken the case

What I think is going on here is that the Supreme Court does not have the votes to overturn this law, even though it should be overturned. The Heller case only got 5 votes when challenging a total ban on firearms ownership. Scalia and Thomas wanted to take the case, which means at least one of the three remaining justices who we presume to be on our side is not willing to vote to overturn an assault weapons ban. Possibly 2 or even all 3 justices. Presumably no one appointed by Obama would strike down a gun ban and the older left-wing justices all voted against Heller.

Likely we are stuck with laws like this unless we can put more gun-friendly justices on the court.

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