Lawsuit filed over NICS checks being crosschecked with secret terror watch list

Washington Times“The federal government has enacted nine specific categories of persons, who, through their actions and omissions and after a rigorous legal course, can be deemed to have forfeited their privileges under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Being a named person on a ‘terrorist watch list’ is not a federal statutory disqualifying factor, nor should it be,” Ms. Capanna said in the complaint.

“Permanent deprivation of a fundamental civil right cannot and should not occur because something as small as an alleged, anonymous tip places an individual in a secret database managed by the attorney general, the FBI, and/or the TSC to which the individual has no right of access and no method of recourse,” she added.

Note that they have been doing this check since 2004 and it has not stopped any terrorist attacks. The lawsuit was filed by a gun rights group (Gun Owners of America), not "suspected terrorists".

Ultimately, I suspect the courts will claim that anyone not denied by the check will have no standing to challenge it. That's the sort of dodge they have used for years to protect the "national security" programs that watch everyone and do little about it.

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