So girls don't lie, don't they?

Reality appears to differ. Women are genetically programmed to have, and use, social behavior to their advantage. It counteracts the generally greater strength and aggression of males. That doesn't mean every accusation is a lie -- though a professional police officer estimated about 50% of the rape cases he investigated were lies -- but it does mean those lies happen. Sometimes defensively, sometimes offensively. Sometimes just to gain a political advantage.

Stately McDaniel ManorI speak now, gentle readers, as an experienced investigator who not only investigated many sexual crimes against women, but was more than willing to believe them—if the evidence supported their stories. Unfortunately, in my experience, as many as 50% of rape claims I investigated, or which were known to me, were false, and I speak only of rape claims not clearly politically motivated. They were false not because I was unwilling to “take their pain seriously,” but because they ultimately confessed to their deception, and the evidence, and lack of evidence, supported those confessions. The cases that were true and provable were prosecuted, though not all were won. Some people just make poor witnesses; they’re not believable.

The charges being laid against Kavanaugh do not bear scrutiny and would be laughed out of any courtroom, if they could ever get there after prosecutors checked the statute of limitations.

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