Amherst students protest free speech, demand reeducation camps

The Daily BeastA group calling themselves the Amherst Uprising listed 11 demands they want enacted by next Wednesday. Among them is a demand that President Biddy Martin issue a statement saying that Amherst does “not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the ‘All Lives Matter’ posters, and the ‘Free Speech’ posters.” Going further, the students demand the people behind "free speech" fliers be required to go through a disciplinary process as well as “extensive training for racial and cultural competency.”

It's almost ironic. The liberal and progressive professors trained their students to see racism and every other ism they can think of everywhere, and to speak up about it. So when the students start to see those things on the very campus where they are being conditioned to react that way, well, those educational institutions are reaping what they sow.

But those students won't stay in college forever; they will eventually leave and enter the real world. Then we will really have a problem, because they will vote for fascism.

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