Cause and Effect

Kirstein(And thank you, Day Job, for switching from Super-excellent-low-cost-health-insurance-that-saw-me-through-all-my-cancer-treatments, to Twice-the-price-plus-high-deductible-might-as-well-go-on-Obamacare-because-what’s-the-difference? You have cleverly removed my main reason for remaining tied to your sinking ship, greatly simplifying my choices! How kind of you.)

An author whose work I enjoy more than her politics wrote the above on her blog. While cancer isn't something I would wish on anyone, and the economics of health insurance are definitely complex, this particular pair of ideas placed so close together demonstrate such a dramatic lack of self-awareness that I felt it warranted comment.

Did it never cross her mind that, having just gone through significant and expensive health care treatments, her employer may have been feeling the financial pinch of raised healthcare rates or (if they self-insure for their employee's medical costs) that her own health care costs had a direct impact on the company's bottom line?

Evidently not even enough to feel a little gratitude towards a company that just in the last year or so paid for the cancer treatments that saved her life.

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