A proposed compromise where we still lose ground won't fly

New Jovian ThunderboltRemove references to serial numbers from the background check process. I've advocated about this before.

Now the NRA GAINS something in a compromise. Serial numbers are in the FFL log book, just like now, on gunstore sales. So the criminal investigation side doesn't gain or lose anything new. FFLs that perform the checks still get their fee for running it for a customer that wants to do an individual private sale. The gummint has a record that T-Bolt ran a check on himself on such and such a date, and, let's say, that permission slip is good for a month. T-Bolts long lost Uncle that sold him the gun can feel confident that T-Bolt is permitted to receive the boomstick.

T-Bolt is generally a pretty good guy, but he hasn't thought this one all the way through. Even if the serial number doesn't get called in to the Feds, if it's on the FFL paperwork it is still registration. And it is on that paperwork, it's just that they have a lot of trouble prosecuting you for not turning it in so long as you can say you bought it and sold it later. Giving up on universal background checks turns this toothless registration system into a real -- enforceable with criminal penalties -- registration system, and doesn't gain us anything.

We would be much better off going with a system that was first proposed (that I know of) by Joe of View from North Central Idaho. I've mentioned it a few times myself, and the beauty of it is that it eliminates any need for "universal background checks" by making them both unnecessary and easy. The basic idea is simple: you add a symbol to the identification cards (ie, drivers licenses) issued by the states. The symbol is a gun, either with or without a red circle and slash crossing it out. If you have just the gun, you can buy or sell a gun legally to anyone else with just the gun in your state (current law) or any other state (small legal change).

All you have to do is check that the ID has not expired and does not have the red slash, and your sale is legal. The state checks your background when it issues the license, and if your status changes, it confiscates your old license and issues a new one.

No phone call to the police. No risk of selling to a criminal. No need for a dealer charging a fee and keeping records of private sales. If you want to cover your ass a little, take a picture of the license and the symbol of the guy you sold to with your cell phone and the serial number of the gun in the background. Easy, simple, legal.

And the government has no idea who has what guns, or even whether you have a gun at all, because they check everyone when they issue the license, not on any gun-related event.

But wait... what about the criminals, they will just sell guns to each other without checking the symbol?

What do you think they are doing right now?

This is the only form of universal background check I will ever support, and I will cheerfully compromise to allow this form of universal background check if the antis are willing to give us back something big in return -- say, that pesky little 1986 amendment.

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