Hurricane Patricia

You know, when I first heard about Hurricane Patricia, I felt bad. I felt bad because I live in central Texas -- supposedly one of the areas hardest hit by the storm in the US, thanks to flooding -- and hadn't seen any rainfall heavier than a few scattered showers. No thunder, no lightning, not even anything to set your windshield wipers to high. A persistent drizzle, and occasionally scattered showers. When they announced it was going to hit Mexico, I thought that they were overhyping the hurricane because it was going to be their excuse for another flood of third-world "refugees" from Mexico into the US and we were supposed to feel sorry for them and let them in and give them citizenship and voting rights so they can elect Democrats. And maybe a bit of global warming scare tactics on the side.

I thought all that, and then I thought, "No, surely that's not it, it's just that the hurricane is doing all its damage in Mexico."

I was right on both counts.

None of this is meant to trivialize the actual victims of Hurricane Patricia.... if there are any.

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