Red Lines on the Spygate declassification

Fox NewsSchiff claims that the current FBI Director, Robert Wray, and Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, have proclaimed that the president’s declassification order “crossed a red line.”

While Schiff is notorious for hyperbole, his assertion of a “red line” is rather stunning. Does it mean Rosenstein and Wray will defy the president’s direct order and continue to obstruct lawful subpoenas issued by congress? If so, they should be fired for rank insubordination.

The public order to declassify without redaction is Trump's red line. A publicly issued order makes it impossible to delay, to obstruct, to #resist, without being exposed and giving the President cause to fire you for defying the direct order.

Fox NewsIn the alternative, they may endeavor to delay or “slow roll” the release of documents hoping that the political winds may shift or that control of Congress itself will change hands in the upcoming election.

That has certainly been the plan up until now. But Trump's order contains the word "immediate". And if they try to redact what they release, it also contains the words "without redaction".

Why would the DOJ defy such a Presidential order?

Fox NewsRosenstein has every reason to suppress the records. They may incriminate him. He affixed his signature to the final renewal of the FISA warrant application to continue spying on Carter Page. He vouched for the authenticity and veracity of the information contained therein. But if it was largely based on a “dossier” that was unverified and uncorroborated, Rosenstein may have been complicit in misusing his position of power in pursuit of a president who was wrongfully targeted by the FBI and DOJ.

Either way, the future does not bode well for Rod Rosenstein. He appointed a special counsel without proper authority.

He then refused to recuse himself as a key witness in the very case he oversees.

All along the way, he has been obstructing Congress by withholding records they are entitled to have.

He surely knows what the declassified documents portend for himself.

Rosenstein is toast. He incriminates himself by the public release of these documents, or he resigns in protest and they get released anyway, or he gets fired and they get released anyway. When you play the Game of Coups, you win or you go to jail, and it looks like Rosenstein is going to jail.

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