About that media bias that doesn't exist...

Reason quoting a Hillary EmailMadame Secretary, a very quick update. I just received confirmation from 60 Minutes that a piece on Julian Assange will air Sunday night. He will be the only person featured. We had made a number of suggestions for outside experts and former diplomats to interview to "balance" the piece. 60 Minutes assures me that they raised a number of questions and concerns we planted with them during the course of the interview. We will be prepared to respond to the narrative Assange presents during the program.

Not quoted, but there have been indications that the Clinton's plant people still loyal to them within various media organizations in order to help shape coverage. These people, though officially employed by the media organization (usually as a consultant or commentator or the like) are still loyal to the Clintons and work to spin and shape the news to their benefit. I'm sure it's not just the Clintons doing this, either. Hillary is just the one whose emails about it are being analyzed with a fine-toothed comb.

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