Volkswagon caught faking results to pass emissions tests

Ars TechnicaThe Volkswagen scandal—selling 11 million diesel-engined cars designed to fool US emissions regulations—is moving into the "who knew what, and when" phase. Newspapers in Germany are reporting that Bosch (the company that supplies electronics to the auto industry) warned VW only to use the cheat mode internally back in 2007, and that a whistleblower tried to raise the alarm internally in 2011. These findings both emerged from an internal audit at VW in response to the scandal.

On the one hand, this is fraud, and that's wrong. On the other, the emissions regulations have been tightened to the point of absurdity and beyond. I can't really blame companies for recognizing this and responding to it. People do not respect laws that make no sense, and when they lose respect for the laws, they stop obeying them.

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