Boehner to resign in October

The HillHouse Speaker John Boehner told GOP lawmakers on Friday he will resign at the end of October, capping a tumultuous four-and-half-year reign in which he repeatedly clashed with unruly conservatives in his own party.

He's resigning because he knows he would lose a vote of confidence in the House soon, and it's better to fall on your own sword than be forced out. It's easier to sell your ability to lobby effectively if you leave voluntarily and put a good spin on it. And, of course, he's already been paid for whatever ends up in the continuing resolution we're going to get instead of a budget again this year, so he can't step down until that passes. (I wonder if the House Republicans have the balls to shut down the government until after Boehner steps down and negotiate then?)

And on another topic: "unruly conservatives"? That constitutes both a clear demonstration of biased reporting AND an admission the Boehner was not a conservative. In truth, he was at best a middle-of-the-road type who cared for little beyond maintaining his own power. And he's likely going to be replaced by someone in the same mold, who takes their marching orders from the same people.

This should be a chance for the party leadership to realign itself with their voters, but it's more likely they will simply move another pawn into his place and continue business as usual.

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