Inspector General referred 47 IRS employees for political scrutiny investigation

The HillFinance Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) noted that Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration had referred 47 employees to the IRS in recent years for potentially breaking the rules for reviewing tax-exempt applications. But of those 47 referrals, the IRS found that 20 employees had done nothing wrong, and another five resigned during their investigations.

The IRS found another eight employees could face disciplinary action for future conduct, after the agency found “no clear” evidence of misconduct. Eleven referrals are still pending, while the rest of the 47 are protected by privacy laws.

Almost 50 people referred for investigation, with no publicity, and the IRS has already "cleared" half of them while only threatening to punish 8 for potential future conduct (effectively clearly them of risk for their past conduct).

The IRS remains in full coverup mode. They can't actually punish anyone, regardless of the facts, because that would be news and cast doubt on their "nothing to see here" narrative.

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