Obama's third and fourth term

Edward KleinThe talk in Democratic Party circles is that Barack Obama has told Joe Biden that he is prepared to endorse him for president if, in return, Biden promises to let Obama have a final say in the choice of his vice presidential running mate.

n addition, there is speculation among top Democratic sources that Obama has another quid pro quo for his endorsement: he wants Biden to choose an African American as his vice presidential running mate.

In this scenario, which Obama has not yet fully explained to Biden, Biden would promise to serve only one term in the White House, after which he would back his vice president to succeed him.

If true, and it wouldn't surprise me, this is pretty much Obama conducting an end run around the 22nd Amendment to seek a third and fourth term. If the speculation is also true, it's an openly racist position. Well, ok, a secretly racist position since he's not admitting it publicly, but you know what I mean.

And when you think about it, if Biden isn't even independent enough to pick his own VP, we're really talking about Obama's third, fourth, and fifth terms.

For someone who has to win elections, that's an awful lot of confidence in election results, if you believe the elections aren't rigged.

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