Heller wins again in DC

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It looks like DC courts struck down one-gun-a-month laws, a personal appearance requirement, a re-registration requirement, and a firearms law test. Those are all policies that are inconsistent with a right to keep and bear arms. The court upheld registration requirements regardless of firearm type (ie, rifles and shotguns as well as pistols), fingerprinting, photographing, paying fees, and a firearms safety training course.

I can understand upholding the registration requirements from a consistency perspective. Registration either violates the 2nd Amendment right or it does not, and handgun registration has passed muster for now (whether I like it or not). Fingerprinting and photographing seems excessive, but is required for many concealed-carry licenses so has some unfortunate precedent. Fees are another one of those potentially-abusive-but-hard-to-argue-with policies. A firearms safety course requirement is something that makes sense as an idea but not as a government requirement, but again, hard to argue with until abused.

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The consensus seems to be that this was a mixed bag. We won some issues, they won some issues.

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