Not really very shocking anymore...

The Post and CourierThe exhaustive report by the Senate Finance Committee found no evidence that the crackdown was directed by any outside authority. But Lois Lerner is reported to have expressed views hostile to conservatives and favorable to the Democratic Party and the labor movement.

The above is definitely underselling the case. We don't have any proof of involvement by the White House because:

1) Lois Lerner and about 20 of her closest friends and colleagues had their emails and other computer records deleted, scratched, shredded, recycled, degaussed, destroyed, and lost.

2) Lois Lerner twice pled the 5th amendment before Congress on this matter.

3) The White House is refusing to release records of requests for taxpayer information made under Presidential signature, though a judge has recently ordered this information to be released.

4) The FBI is sitting on its investigation. The DC DA has already declined to prosecute Lerner, which he announced on his last day before retiring.

5) The inspector generals normally responsible for investigating corruption have had their investigative authority castrated under Obama, to the point that they have sought legislation from Congress to remedy the restrictions.

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