Invasion, not immigration

Gateway PunditLa Raza–which endorsed Rubio’s signature legislation, the Senate Gang of Eight immigration bill–has advocated for a trio of policies that includes permanent toleration for illegal immigration, citizenship for illegal immigrants already residing in country, as well as substantial increases to the annual levels of immigration established by the federal government through green card allotments...

La Raza’s rebuke of Trump comes on the heels of a new census data report authored by the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies. The report found that “immigrant households use welfare at significantly higher rates than native households,” with more than half of U.S. immigrants on welfare.

If the American economy was humming along at full employment, desperate for unskilled (but trainable) workers to manufacture goods, people who were willing to work hard to become Americans, then high levels of immigration would make sense. Historically, that has been the condition of America: lots of room, lots of economic growth, and little in the way of a safety net for people to relax in.

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