Another private email address and hard drive crash

Wall Street Journal via TaxProfThe Lerner and North cases also highlight the Administration’s sloppy, or willfully obstructionist, approach to recordkeeping. Recall the crash of Ms. Lerner’s hard drive, and the IRS’s claim for months it had no backup of her work. Treasury’s Inspector General would later find some. Mr. North’s hard drive also crashed, and Pebble claims that key North emails and documents have gone missing from EPA’s official record.

Remember, it wasn't just Lerner's hard drive that crashed. Hers was simply the most central. About 20 of her coworkers also lost computer data in some form or another and were unable to provide it to Congress, including coworkers who visited the White House extensively while the targeting was going on.

The EPA has already had issues with its director, Lisa Jackson, having a separate email address under her dog's name and evading FOIA requests. Now we have another person at the EPA communicating with political groups privately, and the records have gone missing in a hard drive crash.

How credulous does this administration think we are?

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