Lerner had third secret email account

Legal Insurrection“It is disturbing that the Obama administration’s explanations to a federal judge about Lois Lerner’s emails become inoperative after only one week. Last week, the court was told that that Lois Lerner had a second alias email account under the name “Toby Miles”. This week the court is told that the “Toby Miles” account isn’t a separate account but that that there still is a second Lerner account, address unrevealed, with IRS-related emails. This game of cat and mouse shows that both the Obama IRS and Justice Department continue with their contempt for Judge Sullivan’s orders that Ms. Lerner’s emails about this scandal be disclosed as the law requires.”

The interesting thing here is that the IRS is reporting each of these things like it is discovering them for the very first time. Yet Congress has been looking for Lerner emails for years now. Either the people providing those emails to Congress are entirely separate from (and not talking to) the people searching for Lerner emails via the Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit, or the IRS failed to discover these materials in prior searches.

Regardless, now that the IRS has learned it can destroy criminal evidence while that evidence is under Congressional subpoena without legal consequences, we can be pretty sure they will provide nothing damaging. Whether it exists or not.

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