Another model of doom

Ars TechnicaThe latest IPCC report estimated our remaining “carbon budget” that would give us a chance of reaching the goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius this century. That estimate was created using a simpler class of climate model that can crank out long or repeated simulations without tying up a supercomputer for a week. A new study using one of the most complex models, however, suggests that the simpler models get a key issue wrong: they overestimate how much carbon we can emit if we actually want to stay below 2 degrees Celsius over the centuries that follow.

I'll start paying attention when their models can correctly predict future temperatures and they stop faking the temperature record.

But if you read the article, guess what it says? It says we must cut carbon emissions even more if we want to survive thermogeddon. In other words, we must destroy industrial civilization and return to living in grass huts.

No thanks. I'd rather make the north and south pole bikini territory than give up industry. Especially since the earth is prone to regular ice ages that are a bit harder to deal with than a few extra degrees.

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