Hillary turns over wiped server to FBI

NewsmaxBarbara Wells, an attorney for Denver-based computer services firm Platte River Networks, which took control of Clinton's server after their private email network was updated in 2013, told The Washington Post that federal agents picked up the server from a data center in New Jersey on Wednesday.

But Wells told the paper that the server "was blank" and did not contain any useful information.

This doesn't tell us much about what was actually done to wipe the server. We know (because Hillary's lawyers admitted it) that they deleted her emails from the server. That is only the first step, though; a simple deleted file can often be recovered. The fact that the server "was blank" indicates that someone actually made a deliberate effort to clear off the data. Their motives for doing so are unknown, as is their actual competence. But the chances of recovering data from a still-running server with just some files deleted are much higher than from a server where data has been deliberately wiped. The FBI should still recover what they can, but I am not optimistic, especially when Hillary has had so much time to think about this issue and make sure the server really was cleaned.

The thumb drive her lawyers had may be more interesting, especially if it was not itself cleaned.

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