An uncomfortable analysis of the IRS problem

ForbesSo what we have is a reflexive anit-conservative appointed to head the IRS Exempt Group during the Bush administration by an IRS Commissioner appointed by Bush. Is it possible that the big money Republicans figured that they had the IRS exempt group outgunned, but that a reflexive anti-conservative in that position would be tough on the more conservative part of the party. The other thing that the report mentions is that during the whole period of the scandal no audits of exempts were initiated over the political spending issue. So the established dark money organizations were let off scot-free. All the grief went to the Tea Party insurgents who were least able to cope with it.

I think the above explains quite a bit about the situation, but not everything. Remember that the Tea Party targeting didn't start until around 2010. Lerner was appointed Director of Exempt Organizations in 2006. So for four years, under two Presidents of different parties, Lerner had some personal animosity for conservatives (particularly the anti-establishment types) but did not have any major impact. Referring the occasional org for potential audit inappropriately is wrong but it's hardly a system-wide impact.

It seems likely to me that something changed in 2010. Something happened that took Lerner from a gadfly with a personal chip on her shoulder to someone willing to mobilize her entire organization on a semi-official project to be the thumb on the political scale.

I'm still betting on orders from the White House for that.

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