Hillary to turn over email server...

Sharyl AttkissonIn a statement issued tonight, the chairman of the House Benghazi Committee, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., indicated Hillary Clinton has turned over her private email server and several thumb drives to the Justice Department.

Remember, she's already admitted to deleting all the emails she didn't turn over, and she also admitted to filtering the emails she did turn over for being "work-related" -- and Benghazi-related at least as I read her attorney's letter. So turning over the server is almost meaningless.

If, by some chance, Hillary didn't actually wipe the physical drives, maybe the data could be recovered, with some IT work. But the odds are that everything politically sensitive and not about Benghazi is gone, and anything about Benghazi that has been left in place is legally kosher, at least in Hillary's eyes, or kosher enough for a Clinton to get away with.

I would be very surprised indeed if we get anything more than headlines out of this supposed server seizure... unless someone in DOJ is willing to play hardball, get the server, and compare what's on the server to what Hillary turned over and what Hillary's aides turned over from their accounts, or put in the IT work and hope the real server drives aren't at the bottom of the nearest lake. I said at the time that the procedure Hillary's lawyers described would not be sufficient to clear the email data from the server, and with physical possession of the server, recovering the emails Clinton was so eager to hide is at least on the table.

I'm not really optimistic about getting criminal charges out of this whole mess, but the pieces are there if someone is willing to put them together. And I can't help but think that they will go back into pieces as soon as Hillary bows out of the race in favor of Obama's chosen successor.

Instapundit quoting someone else“Washington sources say Vice President Joe Biden is waiting in the wings for the Obama administration to run her over so he can step in and run for president.”

Yeah, pretty much.

UPDATE 2: Remember when Hillary staffers had a document cleaning party in the basement of the State Department?

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