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I've pointed out before that evidence suggested IRS Chief Counsel Wilkins was involved in the IRS targeting effort and was later assigned to run the hundreds of IRS lawyers involved in covering up that targeting effort -- officially, he was running the document production to Congress and was in charge of redacting information from emails produced to Congressional investigators. This is, obviously, the perfect position to manage the information being released and to carefully ensure that no information too harmful ever sees the light of day.

Now, though, new emails obtained by Judicial Watch allow us to put a few more breadcrumbs together and trace the origin of the targeting all the way back to Obama personally:

Hot AirSome may wonder why this is so significant. About nine months after signing off on this targeting, Wilkins spent more than seven hours in the White House meeting with President Obama. That seems a bit unusual, since Wilkins was counsel to the IRS; the White House has its own counsel with which to confer on legal issues. It’s not illegal for an agency counsel to meet with the President directly, or even necessarily improper, but it’s a bit … odd. And two days after this April 2012 meeting, the IRS suddenly modified its tax-exempt targeting criteria based on communication from Wilkins.

At the time that came out two years ago (!), one could have imagined that Wilkins got brought into the White House to consult on the targeting based on worries that it might have broken the law. Now, with this memo, it looks like Wilkins was actually involved in it from the beginning, which puts his seven-hour stay at the White House nine months later in a much different light. One might also wonder what his December 15, 2011 meeting with Obama — again for several hours — meant in light of this memo. It appears that Wilkins could have been a conduit for the targeting policy between the White House and the IRS — or at least had the resources to know about it for far longer than they admitted.

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