Cruz paying attention to issues that matter

The HillSen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wants to use the highway spending bill to get a vote to strengthen an unrelated oversight bill on the Internet domain name transition.

The presidential candidate on Thursday night filed an amendment to the highway bill that would require Congress to vote before the Commerce Department could give up its oversight role over the system that allows Internet users to easily find websites using an address.

The Obama-initiated process for moving the Domain Name System over to UN control has been proceeding under the radar for a while. Frankly, while putting the US government in charge of the domain name system isn't great, it's a lot better than putting the UN in charge of the system. The US at least has enforceable commitments to free speech. In the UN, it would just become another political football used to enable government censorship.

The best technical option is to transition to a decentralized DNS system, but that's not on the table. Keeping it under US control is the best short-term option we have,

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