It's time for American corporations to rediscover political neutrality

You may have heard about the ongoing video expose' of Planned Parenthood selling the parts of aborted human babies for profit (and "I want to have a Lamborghini"). I'm generally opposed to abortion as an individual matter, but less comfortable with the government imposing a nationwide ban. I think Roe v Wade was conjured from thin air, that states can and should have the power to regulate abortion within their borders, and people can pick where they want to live on that basis. I also hope everyone reasonably sane can agree that selling the body parts of aborted fetuses for profit is despicable.

But I ran across a list of the companies supporting Planned Parenthood directly, and frankly, it surprised me. There are a lot of corporations there that you would think are relatively political neutral -- that is, companies that should be trying to actively avoid political controversy simply because taking sides on a contentious issue will inevitably offend their customers.

I think that, unnoticed by most of us, corporate culture has shifted. Large publicly-owned corporations no longer see their role in society as providing a service for profit and maybe doing some non-controversial charity work on the side for PR; the new culture appears to favor supporting left-wing causes under the radar until smacked on the nose about it by their customers. I can point to other instances: Tor employees calling its customers and authors neo-nazis, Mozilla firing their newly-appointed CEO because he once made a political donation to a group opposing gay marriage.

I think it's clear the culture has shifted underneath us, and it's time to start trying to shift it back.

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