The Left is clueless on immigration, but may be coming around on the IRS

Peter Reilly via TaxProfTBH is concerned with illegal immigration, which is one of the Tea Party’s biggest issues. Being descended from some of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, famine refugees no less, I have a hard time connecting emotionally with the Tea Party animus toward the undocumented. Even if he is breaking the law, I just can’t get mad at somebody who is shaping up at the Home Depot to go hang drywall or do some landscaping so he can send money home to the Old Country. ...

That quote he's referring to is inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty, a national monument. What else is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument? Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants went through a legal process to enter the country.

Peter Reilly via TaxProf
One thing that I have noted about the exempt organization controversy is that a lot of noise is made about all the hoops that organizations have to jump through to get exempt status, but there is little attention paid when there is an outright denial. This ruling, which has received no other coverage I could find is another example of that phenomenon.

I can’t rule out that there is something altogether unsavory about this group that would cause me to sympathize with IRS in turning them down, but the rationale in the ruling does not really stand up.

The reason there hasn't been much attention paid to denials is that a denial can be appealed or the organization reorganized or disbanded to either meet the requirements, operate as some other type of organization, or give up. A denial is at least a decision. The brilliance of the IRS tactics was to keep organizations in limbo, without making a decision. Thus, they could not claim tax-exempt status effectively or appeal a denial of that status. They were stuck in red tape for years while elections passed them by.

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