5-4 decision imposes gay marriage in all states

I don't have a problem with gay marriage as a general policy matter. I have, at most, a few quibbles on the margins of how the law should treat a relationship that cannot naturally produce children compared to one that does. But I have a major problem with the idea that gay marriage can be imposed upon everyone in the country based on the votes of 5 justices overriding the will of the people in most of those states. If there was an amendment to the federal constitution made over this issue, that would be one thing. But there was not. Spuriously claiming that an earlier amendment, put in place to address a different issue over a hundred years ago, suddenly requires that we destroy millenia of custom, tradition, and law in favor of the latest social craze on the left and perhaps at most 5% of the population is insane.

I doubt this decision is going to significantly impact my life in any way. But it is another brick removed from the legal wall that protects us from tyranny by those who think they rule us.

UPDATE: Ace sums up my feelings on the topic pretty well. And more good thoughts in another post. My favorite quote: "No social transformation without representation" (Scalia).

And there's a strong hint in the decision that churches which refuse to recognize same-sex marriages may lose their tax exemptions. The question of whether a church should be tax-exempt or not is a tricky one, but it seems obvious to me that the government cannot -- as a First Amendment matter -- pick sides in theological disputes. The court may disagree in the near future.

The only response to that tactic that has a chance of winning in the long run: "I can't wait to force the local mosque to marry gay couples."

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