House considering Koskinen impeachment

National ReviewHouse Republicans investigating the IRS’s targeting of tea-party groups are seriously considering an effort to impeach IRS commissioner John Koskinen or other agency employees for “culpable misdemeanors” pertaining to the destruction of e-mails written by Lois Lerner, the former official at the heart of the scandal.

I have mixed feelings about this. If it could be treated as an honest matter, I think the House should and would pass it easily and the Senate would decide to remove Koskinen from the IRS. However, the reality is that after the Clinton impeachment, the Senate will always consider impeachment a political matter and I do not see enough Democrats joining the GOP to remove Koskinen from office. And if Koskinen is impeached but not removed, it will hand the Democrats a tremendous PR tool for sweeping the remains of the scandal under the rug. They will say the GOP went on a partisan witch hunt and found nothing, citing the Senate's failure to vote a 67-vote majority as proof there was never anything to the whole thing all along.

Make no mistake. I believe Koskinen is guilty as sin of impeding the investigation by slow-walking document production at a minimum, and likely was complicit in ensuring that emails were not recovered or produced. There must be consequences, but I don't see this as leading to a realistically successful outcome because the Senate would inevitably treat this as a political question.

That said, if the House thinks they have a good chance of obtaining the necessary Senate votes, go for it.

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