IRS still stonewalling Lerner email release

People's Pundit Daily“Even though the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration already identified and removed emails that are duplicates, the IRS is in ‘the process of conducting further manual deduplication of the 6,400’ emails, rather than reviewing them in response to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act requests that are more than two years old now,” Fitton said. “Our legal team will continue pursuing all necessary and available legal options to hold the IRS accountable for its flagrant abuse of power.”

When the IRS says they are manually deduplicating the additional emails discovered, bear this in mind:

1) The Inspector General already bought software to remove duplicate emails -- and when your document base includes 30,000+ emails, computers will be far better at identifying duplicates than humans.

2) There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about releasing duplicate emails. Just release them. Judicial Watch and the public can sort out any duplicates.

Of course, what the IRS is really doing has nothing to do with deduplication. The IRS has sent the emails provided by the Inspector General to the special cover-up review board where the same people involved in the targeting are now working diligently to redact, deduplicate, and otherwise hide the evidence.

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