2016: Why I am probably not voting for Trump

Trump is running for the Republican nomination for President. My take... I don't know. I feel like Trump is running more for personal publicity and to take part in the clown show than anything else, especially after his candidacy in 2012 fizzled out pointlessly. He doesn't have any significant political experience or any voting record to back up whatever he says his views on. His speech was big on applause lines and pretty much completely empty of coherent policy proposals to achieve the results he bragged about.

He has exactly the sort of personality, wealth, and ego that could make him an absolute game-changer if he decided to run seriously. Those same qualities could also make him an utter loose cannon. And his history of policy positions is not encouraging.

I'm not going to take him seriously until he shows some signs of taking the campaign seriously. And if he ever does that, I'm going to take a long hard look at what he's supported in the past as well as what he is claiming to support now.

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