The black hole where IRS FOIA requests were sent

As we learn more about the results of the investigation into the Lerner emails, I think it's relevant to remind my readers of how the IRS was processing FOIA requests for the same information:

Daily CallerMary Howard, the IRS’s director of privacy, governmental liaison and disclosure division, told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Wednesday she never saw any of the information requests because the requests were forwarded to the special committee. Howard is also the tax agency’s chief Freedom of Information Act officer.

Washington TimesMore than 150 Freedom of Information Act requests were filed related to the targeting, and multiple congressional committees began investigations. Mr. Howard said she’s not involved in responding to those requests, which were shuttled off to a special group, but she said despite two years’ time, 34 of the original 154 cases remain open.

That "special group" is run by IRS Chief Counsel and Obama appointee Wilkins. Until TIGTA got involved in the search for emails, all information provided to Congress and the public was funneled through that group.

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