Texas passes open carry

Texas TribuneHouse Bill 910 from state Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, would allow license-holders to carry handguns openly in a hip or shoulder holster, changing current law requiring that such weapons be concealed.

Governor Abbott has promised to sign it, so that's pretty much that.

Note that you still need to have a license to carry.

This is a step forward for gun rights in Texas. It does not yet go far enough, but it is a good start. We need to work to add language preventing police from stopping individuals solely because they are carrying a firearm openly, and we need to remove the licensing requirement so that anyone legally allowed to own a gun can also carry one openly without breaking the law.

Given the license requirement, probably the most important part of this law is the protection it offers to those already licensed to carry a concealed handgun whose concealment is rendered momentarily ineffective. Previously, you could actually get in legal trouble if, say, the wind blew your jacket open. Once this legislation goes into effect, that won't be an issue.

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