Another political prosecution

Ace of SpadesAs you may or may not know -- well, you almost certainly know it; I don't know why I'm low-balling you here -- it's illegal to "structure" withdrawals from a bank in order to evade the IRS $10,000 (?) threshold which triggers a reporting requirement.

Well, Denny Hastert did that, feds claim. He is indicted for Malicious Withdrawals of His Own Money.

He is obviously guilty of being a Republican politician.

UPDATE: The Washington Post is reporting on leaked details that appear to amount to a blackmail scheme in which Hastert was the victim. If the allegations are correct, Hastert's conduct was presumably criminal, right? So why is he being charged with "structuring" and a paper-thin charge of lying to investigators?

All in all, this seems to be a remarkably strange situation. Whatever Hastert may have done in the past, the present charges seem purely political.

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